How To Setup Netgear WiFi Extender

by | Dec 12, 2022

netgear wifi extender setup

Plug in your extender and connect the computer to the extender’s wifi network. Then, follow the instructions for setup Netgear wifi extender or restore your connection.

Restore connection to setup Netgear wifi extender

How to recognize this type of connection

A wifi extender is a device that amplifies your wifi signal (the wireless Internet connection of your home network). For example, a Netgear wifi extender (model number N300, among others) looks something like this:

Explanation operation

When the connection between a Netgear wifi range extender and the modem is correct, the ‘ROUTER’ light lights up green (with a strong connection) or orange (with an average connection). If the Netgear wifi extender is correctly connected to the inverter, the ‘DEVICE’ light will also light up green or orange. Are these lights not lit, or are they red? Then there is no (stable) connection.

A step-by-step plan for recovery

Complete the following steps to reconnect this Netgear wifi extender to the internet:

Step 1: Remove the internet cable from the inverter from the Netgear wifi extender.
Step 2: Move the Netgear wifi extender to a power outlet near the modem.
Step 3: Press the WPS button on the modem. Where is the WPS button on your modem? You can enter the following search term on to find it: “Where is the WPS button on my [enter your modem type here] modem?”.
Step 4: Press the WPS button on the wifi amplifier for a few seconds (within two minutes). This is located on the left side of the amplifier, next to the on/off button.
Step 5: Wait for the lights on the amplifier and modem to stop flashing. The ‘ROUTER’ light on the wifi extender should light up green or orange.
Step 6: Move the Netgear amplifier to its original place near the inverter and plug the internet cable into it. The ‘ROUTER’ and ‘DEVICE’ lights should light up.
Step 7: With a stable internet connection, your generation data will be visible again in the Self-Power app after no more than an hour (provided that your solar panels are receiving light at that time).

Are you stuck?

Have you completed the above steps, is the light outside, and do you still see no generation data in the Self-Power app after an hour? Then report your malfunction to Self-Power. State clearly in your message what you notice and at which step you get stuck. We will handle your malfunction and investigate what the cause may be. After our investigation, we will contact you as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

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