iPhone 15: These are the rumored iPhones of 2023

by | Jan 4, 2023

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We can expect another new iPhone in 2023, the iPhone 15 rumors. So what do we already know about the iPhone 15? You can read that in this overview!

iPhone 15 Overview

The iPhone 15 will be unveiled in autumn 2023 at the earliest, but there are already rumors about possible features. We have listed them here for you. With the iPhone 14, there will be more distinction between the normal and Pro models. With the iPhone 15, Apple takes this further with a virtually invisible Face ID sensor in the Pro models. There are also rumors that Apple would like to remove the Lightning port. Want to know what else is being said about the iPhone 15? Below you can read all the info!

  • iPhone 15 in brief
  • Release date
  • Price
  • Expected features
  • iPhone 15 Ultra

iPhone 15 in Brief

These are the expected features of the iPhone 15:

  • Release in fall 2023
  • Supposedly four 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch models
  • Pro models are equipped with an A17 chip, the rest with an A16 chip
  • Pro models with 8GB RAM, the rest with 6GB RAM
  • 5G modem from Qualcomm
  • The periscope camera system in iPhone 15 Pro Max
  • Charging with USB-C port (no more Lightning)

iPhone 15 Release Date

There is little doubt about the iPhone 15 release date: just like in previous years, Apple will unveil the device in September. In September 2023, the iPhone 15 series will then be in stores – unless unexpected events have a global impact.

We expect the following for 2023:

  • Early September 2023: iPhone 15 models announced
  • Early September 2023: Start pre-order
  • Mid-September 2023: First deliveries
  • One or more models may be released later, as with the iPhone 14 Plus.

iPhone 15 Price

In terms of the price level, the iPhone 15 will be around that of the iPhone 14 series, with a starting price of around 1000 euros and rising to 1500 euros for the largest size (iPhone 15 Pro Max). Apple could introduce a new 2-terabyte storage variant for people who need more storage for features like ProRes video. Such a top model will then cost more than 2000 euros. If Apple releases a foldable variant, the price will probably be above 2000 euros, but we expect it to be too early.

In addition, there is talk of an iPhone 15 Ultra, an extra expensive variant with extra features. It will cost well over 1500 euros.

Expected iPhone 15 features

There are several rumored features we can expect in the iPhone 15. Here we list them for you:

  • Four new models
  • No Lightning port
  • Dynamic Island on all models
  • A17 chip in iPhone 15 Pro models
  • 8GB RAM in the Pro models
  • Periscopic camera
  • iPhone 15 Ultra

Four new models with iPhone 15

Apple also plans to release four new models for the iPhone 15 series, identical to the iPhone 14 series. It would then be:

iPhone 15
  1. 6.1-inch iPhone 15
  2. 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Plus
  3. 6.1-inch iPhone 15 Pro
  4. 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Pro Max (or Ultra)

There is the least doubt about the 6.1-inch models. These form the backbone of the range and will be back in 2023. With the iPhone 15 Plus, the big question is to what extent there is a demand for such a Plus model. With the iPhone 14 Plus, rumors quickly circulated that the device did not sell well. But just like with the mini models, it is possible that Apple has already planned a successor and wants to wait for the sales figures of the iPhone 15 Plus to pull the plug on this model.

Regarding naming, it is interesting to see what Apple will do with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This device is rumored to have much better specs than the Pro model, so Apple would like to choose the name Ultra. This is in line with the Apple Watch Ultra, where the name is also reserved for a larger model with more features.

No Lightning port, but USB-C

When Apple introduced the Lightning port in 2012, they promised it would last at least ten years. That period has passed, but there are completely different developments why Apple is retiring the Lightning port. First, the EU wants all electronic devices to be supplied with a USB-C port from the end of 2024, and Apple will also have to comply. An iPhone 15 with a USB-C port is already being tested, and Apple CEO Greg Joswiak has confirmed that the iPhone will get USB-C.

Apple was also rumored to be working on an iPhone without a charging port for full wireless charging. But this is a bit less credible, even if it is feasible, thanks to MagSafe.

Dynamic Island on all models

With the iPhone 14 Pro (Max), Apple introduced Dynamic Island as a surprise. There are rumors that this will also come on the standard models. This would mean that the notch will disappear. We find previous rumors, such as Face ID under the screen, less credible. Also, Touch ID isn’t making a comeback, even under the screen.

A17 chip in iPhone 15 Pro models

Apple would like to use a new A17 Bionic chip in the iPhone 15 Pro (Max), while the standard models get the A16 Bionic chip from a year earlier. This also happened with the iPhone 14 series, where only the Pro models received a new chip. In itself, this is not a problem. The chips are fast enough, and the new chip is mainly needed to run the advanced features on the Pro models smoothly.

The big question is whether the standard models will also have an always-on screen. This requires a ProMotion display with a toggle refresh rate, and we don’t think Apple will use this in all models.

8GB RAM in the Pro models

You can expect 8GB of RAM in the iPhone 15 Pro (Max), while the current models still have 6GB of RAM. This only applies to the Pro models, while the standard models still have 6GB of RAM.

Periscopic camera in iPhone 15 Pro Max

The camera bump on the back has been an eyesore for some users for years. There have been rumors for some time that Apple would like to do something about it by building a periscope camera. This would only apply to the iPhone 15 Pro Max (or Ultra). By turning the camera lenses a quarter turn, more distance can be created between the lens and the sensor. There is talk of 10x optical zoom, which is currently still 3x.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a periscope lens will be in the camera in 2023, replacing the current telephoto lens.

Will there be an iPhone 15 Ultra?

Apple is said to have plans to change the lineup of iPhones in 2023 drastically. The most expensive model could be called ‘Ultra’ and will get a new design. That writes Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. He looked at the past and concluded that Apple changes the design of the iPhone every three years. This happened with the iPhone 6 (2014), iPhone X (2017), and iPhone 12 (2020). In 2023 it would then be time for a redesign again, emphasizing the largest and most expensive model. This would then be called the iPhone 15 Ultra, replacing the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The device will be given extra functions so that a new name is appropriate.

Rumor leaker MajinBu expects two front cameras for making stereoscopic videos, where you can see depth. The device would also start with 256GB of storage instead of the usual 128GB.

Still, waiting for an iPhone 15? Then view the models from the iPhone 14 series.

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